If elected president, Bernie Sanders said he would “reverse every single thing” Donald Trump’s administration has done to US.

This was just as bad, if not worse than Marshall’s attempt to hurt Bernie Sanders with southern voters. a big difference.

What sort of Supreme Court justices would Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) nominate if he is elected president? Speaking recently.

Then it was Pete Buttigieg’s turn; he led until the first week in January. The new year brought new volatility. First Bernie.

With Bernie Sanders tied up in Washington at President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, a couple of his high-profie.

Bernie Sanders, Stuck in Trump’s Trial, Leans on Star Power of ‘AOC’ CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Reuters) – U.S. presidential.

DES MOINES, Iowa — As a congressman in the 1990s, Bernie Sanders expressed an openness to making “adjustments” to the tax and.

A group of pro-Israel Democrats will begin airing an attack ad in Iowa on Wednesday that raises concerns about Bernie Sanders.

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — Inside the campaign, some aides call it “Bernchella." As Bernie Sanders attempts to surge to a first-place.

The row over Joe Rogan’s endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders offers a useful insight into how.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is on a roll — and that is precisely what worries his rivals and is rattling the Democratic establishment.

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Pundits love to narrate progressive politics as a story of “dreamers” like Bernie Sanders versus “realists” who understand.

DES MOINES, Iowa — As Bernie Sanders was stuck in Washington during the long hours of opening arguments in President Trump’s.

Parts of the Democratic Party establishment are now in full-on panic over the possibility of a Bernie Sanders surge, as poll.

After underestimating Bernie Sanders’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination for much of the cycle, one wonders how.

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Bernie Sanders (I-VT) should he end up winning next week’s Iowa caucus and, potentially, the New Hampshire primary a week.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders, consolidating support from voters on the left, has taken a clear lead in the race for.