The prayer leader, Maulvi Samiullah Rayan. but the Taliban and ISIS fighters regularly stage attacks in the capital. The explosion hit at a time when dozens of men had gathered for prayers. The.

It was not just Karachi, but also the same fate awaited the people in Lahore, Islamabad and many other cities. Despite the normal loadshedding time, power breakdown in most areas lasted for over 24.

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“Imran will change the fate of Pakistan, he is working hard for the Pakistani nation although it takes time for these things to happen,” she said, adding that the premier offers Fajr prayer every day.

That one thought for me is always, always a prayer. It’s something I feel I couldn’t properly ask for in the five designated times I’m supposed. and I trace constellations on the ceiling and I talk.

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Muslims around the world fast for a whole day – they begin fasting at the Fajr call to prayer just before sunrise and break their fast at sunset. Fasting duration varies from region to region and.

ISLAMABAD // A Taliban death squad gunned down dozens of children one classroom at a time in a raid on a Pakistani army high. of a December 2009 assault by a five-man militant squad on a prayer.

Working men have little time to walk to big mosques. Prefabricated huts are being replaced by permanent and beautiful buildings where the call to prayer is broadcast from the Sheikh Zayed Grand.

All had a good time and chatted till late at night. The fire started after morning (Fajr) payers. They did not even get chance. Ambulances were arranged at Islamabad Airport to take bodies to their.

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"The reality is that some of these madrassas are changing with the times, learning to be flexible," says Khalid Rahman, director general of the Institute of Policy Studies, an independent think tank.

ISLAMABAD, Feb 25: Unidentified persons torched the camp. told Dawn that unknown persons set the backside of the camp on fire and fled at the time of Fajr prayers. Some relatives of the missing.

If children are kept in such environments, then by the time they reach 18 years of age. He is a young man living in Islamabad, but was very eager to help out. We had a database of around 300 mental.

“The drone fired two missiles and hit the village mosque where a number of people were offering Fajr (morning) prayer,” Roashan Din. Moazzam stressed that Islamabad wants “to resolve the issue.

We finish at Fajr time.” Asim is particularly keen on getting underprivileged. He once visited a madrassa in Islamabad. The imam at the madrassa wasn’t very receptive at first. “They were not.

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In a dimly lit room, they line up according to the pattern of the prayer. time," he says. To the many Pakistanis facing hardship, offering relief is an effective way of gaining support. While this.

Reuters ISLAMABAD // Afghan and international forces freed the kidnapped. “God has accepted somebody’s prayer. The prayer of those who love us,” said another brother, Ali Musa. Nato officials in.

For many pilgrims, the journey to Makkah is the first time they will leave their countries or board. On the second day of Hajj, after the Fajr prayer in Mina, pilgrims make the journey to Mount.

They wield Nokia mobile handsets while driving mostly shiny white Honda Preludes through the quiet streets of Islamabad’s F and G sectors. leads them through a dua, a prayer, at this time of war.

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ISLAMABAD. Times said. Quoting eyewitnesses, the newspaper said the activists have issued calls for a holy war against the US to worshippers at different mosques. "A young, bearded and long-haired.