Packed with lots of heals, removal and a pocket mind control tech, Thijs’ Priest took an important victory, knocking out yet another metagame staple out of Reynad’s line-up and repeated the feat once.

and look for more decks in our library. JasonZhou Anyfin Paladin Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman Dragon Priest OmegaZero Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Dragon Priest XHope Dragon Priest Freeze.

And so the Big Priest has been taken down a peg. It won’t be the end of this deck type, though, as the Year of the Dragon continues to introduce wildly powerful minions to fit within that deck type,

“One thing we had not done before is push [Hunter dragons]. We’ve pushed Priest dragons and Paladin Dragons and Warrior Dragons, and there have been some Dragon Hunter decks in the past,” Brode said.

The digital card game’s next expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, comes out in August. re seeing more than nine different decks getting played. There are two decks in some classes, or even.

Rise of Shadows is the first expansion of the new Standard year, the Year of the Dragon. It introduced a new "Twinspell. Barnes and others which make up the extremely powerful Big Priest deck.

But I suspect these will become staples in some decks. This new board clear offers an atom bomb for priests, who have typically had weak options with the 5-mana spells Holy Nova and Excavated Evil. It.

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Combo Priests and Dragon Priests will particularly get a big boost out of. This can also help the rare Quest Hunter, who’s looking for some tools to help make their deck a little more viable. This.

Alongside this powerful minion, priests will also get a new dragon-related spell: Dragonfire Potion. This area-of-effect ability deals 5 damage to all minions except dragons, making it an auto-include.

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Dragon-man?) himself. He is remarkably fearsome on the attack and lends himself well to the theme and strategy of this deck. Cards like Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest also benefit from the Dire’s.

The problem is also somewhat specific to Priest. Control decks are viable, don’t get me wrong, but the other classes have much better tools to make that plan happen. Warrior can stack up life total.

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Deathwing, Dragonlord is the most powerful Deathrattle minion, but without good dragon synergy, there’s no reason to pack it into this particular deck. The N’Zoth Priest is still nothing to sneeze at,

not locked into simply the “quest” deck for each class, but Un’Goro’s new cards have allowed for a lot of experimentation well beyond that. Let’s run through briefly: Priest – Dragon Priest was boring.

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and on his own he can make your board nearly impossible to clear for any deck but mage or priest. Hungry Dragon is quite possibly the best 4-drop in the game, with a downside that’s very easy to.

From China with love comes yet another take on what Dragon decks should look like. Say hello to Immortal’s Dragon Priest which he brought to Viagame HouseCup #3. We’ve seen plenty of Dragon Paladins,

Below, you can see the five decks. a Dragon Warrior from DrHippi (a more aggressive, value-oriented deck), and a Patron Warrior from HotMeowth (which can use the Grim Patron card to summon an.

And at that point, it’s not just the cards that priest is getting is important, what’s going to be important is what deck ends up becoming dominant. that traditionally have been strong in priest.

Dire Frenzy does suffer from being a slower card, but when paired with a powerful Hunter deck, it could be worrisome. Yeah, Dragon Priest isn’t going anywhere. Nightscale Matriarch will easily be a.

made several decks viable: Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Warlock, and even Dragon Druid. It’s too soon to say (even with the popularity of Dragon Priest), but TGT definitely brought a new deck.

But which ones will pros be looking to add to their decks for competitions. The nightly prayer of many a Dragon Priest answered in one fell swoop with what has to be an essential from the word go.