WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A man’s body was found in a field near a church Sunday. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office detectives said the body of Alex Brown, 19, was found in an un-manicured field behind.

Parishioners at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale know the Bomparts. A country-pop duo, Juna N Joey, consisting of.

A Christmas show camel got a little too close for comfort for audience members at a West Palm Beach Baptist church Thursday night, after it did a belly flop onto a row of pews during a rehearsal. The.

That sanctuary was destroyed in a fire in 1953, and Union Congregational now meets at a church on Summit Boulevard west of West Palm Beach. To mark the 120th anniversary, the mostly white congregation.

Buoyed by a $2 million donation, the 120-year-old Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church will break ground Thursday on its U.B. Kinsey Education & Community Center, at 801 8th St., across from the.

Holy Spirit Church Mass Hours Parish Office Hours. If you attend Holy Spirit Church on a regular basis and have not registered with. 6:30AM, 9:00AM (School Mass), 12:00PM and 6:00PM The Parish of the Holy Spirit was founded in June 1980 by the Yakima Diocese with. After nearly two years of Sunday Masses at Desert Hills Middle School and daily Masses

A condo developer acquired a church along the Intracoastal Waterway in downtown West Palm Beach with contested plans for a 295,000-square-foot project. First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach sold its.

If First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach was going to become the powerhouse he envisioned, the Rev. Jess Moody had to solve one serious problem: the stink of rotting fish. "It was terrible," he said.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A missionary group from Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church in Delray Beach is back home after being stranded in Haiti. Their job to serve those in need was cut short due.

The Brazilian church also has the support of Palm Lakes Baptist Association, the local convention affiliate headquartered in West Palm Beach. Westside Baptist Church in the city is playing host to the.

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A developer in West Palm Beach is revising plans for a luxe condo tower to replace an outdoor worship site after city opposition, the Palm Beach Post reported. First Baptist Church, which owns the 3.2.

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WEST PALM BEACH — On Sunday, the Rev. Keith Thomas, newly named pastor of the First Baptist Church, will begin ushering one of Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest churches into a new decade of.

There is even one disguised as a large cross in the parking lot of a West Palm Beach Baptist church. Matt Alvarez, the general manager of a tower assembly company in Pompano Beach, put it together in.

The 3.21-acre property is directly across the street from the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, which had previously used the property as an outdoor stadium, according to Palm Beach County.

The First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach has 8,000 members, 600 of whom are youth members, and of those younger members 300 participate in the church sports programs. "I’m just not sure how many.

Resident Emma Harris says the increased Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office patrols don’t make life more comfortable. But.

Two masked men robbed a daycare center at Mount Calvary Baptist Church at gunpoint Thursday morning, according to West Palm Beach Police. Just after 11 a.m., the men demanded money from the.

There are 69 units at the 25-story Bristol. The tower is located on the site of the former Chapel by the Lake, which was owned by First Baptist Church. The new units are expected to swell West Palm.